Generic Faq

What is a pre-fitted stand?

A pre-fitted stand is a standard solution, with a defined shape and features, designed to provide a practical stand without sacrificing the look. BFS offers a wide variety of furnishing accessories in range of colours and shapes, perfect for enhancing and making your pre-fitted stand more welcoming, in addition to adding that personal touch.

What does the term custom fitting mean?

A custom fitted stand is a one that is designed specifically for the client, taking into account the space and their communication needs. A custom stand is the ideal solution to give shape and enhance the image of your brand, as well as to showcase the products. BFS carefully selects the materials and designs every single aspect to ensure success. Our objective is to create a stand where design and materials blend in perfect harmony in line with the company values ​​and established goals.

When should you opt for a custom fitting rather than a pre-fitted stand?

Nowadays, in the world of trade fairs and exhibitions it even more important to present oneself with a strong and well-defined image. A custom fitting, designed according to your needs, will allow you to achieve this and transform your stand into a genuine extension of your brand. With a long and successful track record of designing exhibition stands, BFS is the ideal partner for those who want to showcase their company and make it stand out in the market.

How do we work?

The concept behind every fitting solution is the result of painstaking analysis of several key points; this is fundamental to make the stand not just an exhibition space but a genuine extension of the brand. The projects and the graphic design proposals are scrutinised by the client and worked on together to achieve the right result to meet communication and exhibition needs. Once the final version has been agreed upon, it is time to begin the fitting where the stand will actually take be created. Throughout this stage we carefully select the materials used, fusing tradition and cutting edge in order to ensure high quality standards, flexibility and durability.

Why can you place your trust in us?

BF Servizi s.r.l. was founded in 2003 and already possessed a wealth of experience gained over the years: it was a project brainchild of the BolognaFiere Group, specialists in organising events and trade fairs in Italy and around the world. In addition, BFS boasts BS OHSAS 18001 certification for Safety and UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality certification for the Events sector. Certifications awarded by Kiwa Cermet (Certifying Body accredited by ACCREDIA) are a guarantee of the company's constant commitment in respecting the necessary parameters and requisites. The achievement of the Health and Safety Management System at Work according to parameters 18001 demonstrates a determined effort made by BFS to safeguard the safety of all those work for it. The UNI EN ISO 9001 certification for the Events sector guarantees constant application of procedures aimed at providing a product-service with high quality standards, able to fully satisfy client needs.

What are the benefits for you placing your trust in us?

BF Servizi offers you an all-inclusive service from project design to project delivery. By placing your trust in BF Services, you will receive our assistance in the handling of every aspect connected to fitting your exhibition stand, leaving you free to organise your participation at the trade fair and to focus exclusively on the business opportunities. BF Servizi also provides you with a wide range of exhibition services to make your participation even more complete and comfortable: expert cleaners for the exhibition space, green furniture and moving/handling, just to name a few. If you so require, we will look after your logistics operations ensuring that your products arrive directly at the stand and, once the event is over, we will dispose of any waste materials.

What types of events do we fit out?

BFS specialises in offering fitting solutions to suit all needs and designing a wide range of events, including those not held in exhibition centres. From exhibition stands to the large venues hosting an event, we can offer you projects tailored to your needs in terms space and communication, guaranteeing quality and creativity.

What kind of events can we organise?

BF Servizi is the perfect partner who you can trust to create and organise an event, even in non-exhibition contexts. We design a whole host of different events, taking care everything and managing in detail all aspects involved in the organisation, from concept to completion.