When should you opt for a pre-fitted booth?

BFServizi is the interlocutor that also in this field can meet every need thanks to a rich catalogue of pre-defined proposals created to offer our customers a functional stand without renouncing the aesthetic factor.

Choosing a pre-fitted stand allows a good level of customisation thanks to a large variety of furnishing accessories in many variations of colours and shapes that allow you to characterise the pre-fitted stand according to your needs.

The excellent quality/price ratio, versatility and attention to detail make the pre-fitted stands of BF Servizi the solution you are looking for to combine functionality and elegance!

A number of solutions for you

We offer our customers a wide range of standard solutions for any event. Our customers are able to choose from various booths with predefined measurements and equipment, making participating in events worry-free.

Quick delivery

Thanks to a standardized production process, this type of set-up and installation allows us to meet customer requirements even more quickly.

Functionality and elegance

Our great quality/price ratio, versatility and attention to detail make our pre-fitted booths the solution you need when searching for functionality and elegance.

Make your pre-fitted booths with
BF Servizi

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